Andreas Akesson

Andreas, an international oriented person being born in Asia, holding a Swedish passport, having lived in 4 continents, and lives in Barcelona with this Argentinian wife and two children, makes him the perfect person to understand needs from any corners of our planet.

In Spain, Andreas has numerous references for executing digital projects on Spanish & South American grounds. The most valuable asset that Andreas possesses is his ability to understanding clients needs in order to orchestra the most suitable execution.

Andreas last years were spent in media, offering solutions for large enterprises in implementing Technology platforms to manage inventory purchase (DSP), data management solutions (DMP) and advertising delivery (Ad Serving/campaign analytics). The purpose was to offer brands the most efficient way in the programmatic media age.

On his reference list, there are important companies such as; Olé, Autoscout24, Friendscout24, BuyVip, Planeta, Unidad Editorial, Godo, XING, Plista, Madvertise, Freewheel, Headway Digital, Criteo, Adform among others.

Andreas also shares his knowledge and do so through The Valley Digital Business School and the Event TCAW