Adnuntius Ad Wall

Publishers have two important revenue models; advertising and paid content.

Advertising revenues struggle as a result of the corona crisis, and it is hard to get more users to accept paying for content.

Adnuntius Ad Wall gives users a choice: (1) pay for content for a non-disruptive user experience, (2) see ads that provide higher value to advertisers in exchange for free content, or (3) provide some first party information about themselves that empowers publishers to add value to their (future) ad product (as third party data is going away).

1. We help with implementation and provide a painfree onboarding process.
2. Use our world-class ad platform, or the one you already prefer.
3. Get more insights about your users.
4. Introduce better paid ad formats.
5. Send the data to any system where you want to put the data into action.