Adnuntius Data

Data keeps being a crucial asset to any company that want to create growth based on user insights.

Companies employ multiple systems that ech collect user information, creating data silos that cause disconnected user experiences. And any company relying on third party data will soon no longer have access to these data as browsers are shutting dow support.

Adnuntius Data helps you unify your 1st and 3rd party data and eliminate silos, create segments with consistent user profiles, and activate your data in any system.

1. Capture data instantly: Capture any data you can get your hands on (1st party or 3rd party) instantly.
2. Unify user data: Eliminate data silos by unifying your data sources into one user profile.
3. Standardize: Create structure by standardizing your data derived from multiple sources.
4. Segment: Create segments of users based on collected data.
5. Monetize: Monetize your data in Adnuntius Advertising or any other system.