Adnuntius Internal Promotions

Banks have lots of user/customer information that is electronically available for multiple purposes. Put simply; banks know a lot about their customers!

When I enter my bank's website there is little sign of that knowledge; I am being presented with products and services irrelevant to me, while those that would be interesting aren't even to be found unless I go via Google.

Adnuntius Promotions enables marketers to collect, organize and activate customer information in campaigns, ensuring that banks can place the right product/service in front of the right customer to increase sales performance.

1. Easily start collecting user information.
2. Create one unified view of your users across your multiple data silos.
3. Activate the data in campaigns, but also in any other system for any purpose you intend.
4. Easily deploy campaigns targeted to your audiences and track performance in realtime.
5. Automatically switch between value propositions to learn more when users do not bite.