Adnuntius Native for Marketers

Marketers are ramping up to re-distribute money to build their own audience (traffic) rather than advertising with publishing partners. An important part of this is content marketing (or native advertising as it is also called).

However, few marketers make the most of it! (1) Few personalize content to each user and apply technology to maximize retention/loyalty; (2) few ensure effective cross-channel distribution; and (3) few secure reporting and insights to work structured with continuous improvement.

Adnuntius Native is enables marketers to quickly deploy a technology platform that enables them to personalize the user experience, manage advertising and distribution with partners, and gather insights.

1. Collect user information from across sources, create audiences and activate them in real time.
2. Personalize your website by targeting content to audiences and setting automated rules that keep your website alive (for instance, do not repeatedly show non-engaging content, or remove already read content).
3. Book campaigns in a user-friendly interface, and easily distribute on your own site(s) as well aswith publishing partners.
4. Ensure reporting on any metric (impressions, clicks, reading time and more).