Adnuntius Platform for Publishers

Publishers are increasingly starting to look for alternatives, allowing them to take back control of data and advertising.

Buyers can come from multiple and different sources of ad supply, and publishers need a platform that helps them make the most out of each channel. Publishers are looking beyond third-party cookies as regulations and anti-tracking measures by browsers get more stringent. Programmatic advertising is an unsustainable eco-system for publishers.

Adnuntius offers a platform for publishers who want to take control of their data and advertising, and to create unique offerings to the digital advertising market.

1. Adnuntius Advertising ensures cross-channel access and optimization. Always serve the highest bidder among programmatic suppliers | Offer self-service channels targeting SMBs | Scale your portfolio of rich format ad products without customization.
2. Adnuntius Data lets you collect, unify and activate information. Collect user information from any source (especially 1st party data) | Consolidate all that information into one user profile to unify your data | Activate the information in any system to monetize it | Ensure privacy compliance in the process | Access quality demographic data seamlessly.
3. Adnuntius Exchange lets large publishers and alliances create controlled eco-systems. Reduce tech costs to a fraction of today’s programmatic eco-system | Eliminate reporting gaps between buyers and sellers | Expand available formats for sale | Enjoy real-time reporting and ad serving.