Adnuntius private programmatic network for buyers

Adnuntius Buyer

Over 80% of digital advertising is programmatic, and most of this ad spending is through deal IDs since it enables marketers to use their datain targeting.

Programmatic costs marketers at least 10-20% of ad spending, and publishers as high as 70% of ad spending. Also, around 15% of ad spending disappears because of fraud. Programmatic advertising is an increasingly unsustainable eco-system, and both buyers and sellers need a more effective solution.

Adnuntius Buyer is a whitelabel marketplace platform enabling buyers to connect to publishers directly in a private marketplace to regain 100% transparency and to reduce cost by 80% compared to programmatic advertising, without compromising functionality.

1. Connect directly with publishing partners (using prebid) to build valuable long-term relationships.
2. Reduce ad tech cost by 50%.
3. Reduce the risk of fraud with direct connection to trusted partners and detailed, realtime viewability reporting.
4. Automate simple reporting while getting all data to your datawarehouse for deeper analyses.
5. Collect, organize and activate your data in campaigns.