Adnuntius Programmatic Optimization

Programmatic keeps on being an important source of income to publishers, and while changes will happen to programmatic, publishers should make the most of it while they can.

Many smaller publishers do not have the resources to ensure access to mulitple SSPs to maximize bidder competition and thus maximize revenue, and not enough resources to the required optimization work.

Access all SSPs through one partner, ensure that the highest bidder always wins the impression (through header bidding), and keep track of performance across all SSPs.

1. Access all sources: We handle agreements with all major supply partners to ensure that all buyers get a chance to bid for your audience.
2. Easy money handling: We do the administrative lifting for you to make sure that you can sit back and just receive payment.
3. Automatic optimization: Combine Adnuntius Programmatic with Adnuntius Advertising to secure automatic revenue maximization.