Private Programmatic Network

Ad networks often connect to publishing partners using SSPs, in order to get their hands on inventory that they can next sell to advertisers.

Using programmatic advertising, buyers pay on average 18% of their ad spending in tech cost, while publishers loose 50-70% of ad revenue to technology along the way. Also, 15% or more of ad spending is consumed by fraudulent traffic.

Adnuntius Network is a whitelabel platform enabling publishers, ad networks and alliances to build private marketplaces and regain 100% transparency and to reduce cost by 80% compared to programmatic advertising, without compromising functionality.

1. Easily connect to publishing inventory using header bidding.
2. Reduce technology costs by 80%.
3. Maintain features expected from SSPs and DSPs, and even more (such as real-time reporting).
4. Create your own controlled SSP and DSP.
5. Make it easy (with the same implementation) to open self-service applications to smaller buyers.
6. Connect data in a protected environment to re-introduce re-targeting opportunities now that 3rd party data disappears.