Media4more: Interactive video as a game changer for digital ads

Brands and products need visibility and relevance. “In order to guarantee this, we have to reach the right target groups at the right time in a focused and individualized manner,” emphasizes Peter Rosenkranz, CEO of media4more. In order to live up to this claim, the Viennese company is always on the lookout for new, interesting marketing opportunities. The latest addition: interactive video campaigns.

“The first 8 seconds of a video are the most critical,” explains TMSe’s Michael Sturm. “The trick is to develop content that captivates consumers.” That is exactly what the startup Clipflip offers its customers with the next generation of video: interactive videos. With Clipflip Studio, you can create powerful, engaging stories that customers will be immersed in. Instead of play, pause and repeat, they offer the viewer far more options via real-time selection. The viewer can navigate to another point in the video, to additional media or to another website by clicking on so-called hotspots and overlays. This eliminates the customer's often unloved and frustrating search for content and information from a video (and the enthusiasm for what has been seen can be taken straight away).

High demand

For companies like media4more, the advantages are obvious, explains CEO Peter Rosenkranz: “If consumers are able to get involved virtually, direct an action or even become part of it, this leads to higher click rates and increased distribution of the video. “ Due to the increased retention time, interactive videos are just as suitable for digital advertisements and in the sales area as they are for tutorials, training or explanatory videos.

The future of video is interactive! Clipflip is sure of that. This is confirmed by the high level of interest shown by customers and their target audience. “The first interactive videos are already online. In particular, their use for digital advertisements is in high demand,” emphasizes Michael Sturm. The numbers definitely speak for themselves: Compared to regular videos, the interactive counterpart achieves up to 40% more engagement, 60% more clicks and 44% more viewing time.

Future prospects

After the successful product launch, the young company is already working on the next version of the program. In addition to other features, analysis options and connections, user-friendliness is particularly important for product developer and CMO Jakob Sturm: "At Clipflip, customer feedback plays a decisive role in the development and updating of our product. Our program is only as good as its ease of use.”