How Agencies can Use Adnuntius Marketplace

Adnuntius lets buyers and sellers enter a programmatic private marketplace and reduce by 80% while enjoying 100% transparency across the value chain.


Now publishers can offer advertisers custom audiences too!

Third-party data are being put to death, hence it becomes vital for publishers to collect and unify their data across multiple users touchpoints. Adnuntius data even allows you to bring retargeting back to the table. Read more here...


The increased importance of local publisher inventory

In these corona times, many business owners try to think differently about how they can continue to make business happen. As social distancing is a primary weapon to fight the virus, online commerce seems to be on everyone’s lips, and for good reason. In this short post we argue that publishers, and especially local news publishers, can play an important and positive role in facilitating continued operations for small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs).  


Self-Service has a new face

We have given our self-service advertising solution a serious face-lift! As a publisher you can now quickly open a user-friendly self-service advertising portal using any ad server as your main platform. With Adnuntius Self-Service advertisers can design, book and pay for their campaigns, and you can manage the workflow (or just automate everything).