Hamburger Morgenpost: Winning back revenue with self-service for SMEs

Just a few years ago newspapers were full of advertisements for small local businesses. However, the digital transformation also changed the advertising landscape and more and more SMEs tried their luck with online advertising from international big players such Google or Facebook. “[…] and that is usually complicated, expensive and not very local,” says Arist v. Harpe, publisher of the Hamburger Morgenpost. “As a strong local medium, we want to offer smaller advertisers in particular the opportunity to advertise affordably and efficiently exactly where their customers are. Namely on their own doorstep, focused on their own city and even their own neighborhood. Simple, local, efficient.”

The booking tool was implemented together with a long-term partner of TMSe: Adnuntius. With the help of the self-service platform, the company paves the way for publishers to enter one of the fastest growing markets: SMEs with collectively high advertising investments. Adnuntius Self-Service makes it easier for publishers to start their own booking site tailored to their needs while simultaneously creating a win-win situation for both publishers and advertisers. This way tools like the “Mopo Werbelokal” provide the best and most lucrative match between advertiser and audience. In short, small businesses reach their ideal customers for less money. At the same time, publishers can access massive volumes of highly relevant ads without entering into countless complicated contracts that don’t cover their setup costs.