A push towards digitalisation: Innovative revenue streams for publisher

TMSe is featured in the annual report of the BDZV with three unique products that showcase how easy and affordable digital transformation can be for companies.


The post-cookie era: challenges & opportunities

Third-party cookies are dead! Browsers such as Firefox and Safari, followed by Google’s Chrome, are already putting privacy first and block tracking by default. The consequence? “Publishers and marketers need to drop third-party-tracking and focus on developing relationships with their customers. Contextual advertising is the new cookie”, claims martech expert Michael Sturm, CEO of TMSe.


Adtech Experts TMSe Are The Innovators to Watch in the Digital Advertising Space

This year is the beginning of evolving marketing strategies to bear their fruits. All of the lessons learned during 2020 are being implemented for greater return and success. Still, it can be daunting to take the leap into a new market and stand apart from your competitors. Many emerging and even established businesses struggle to stay ahead of the curve in the advertising space, failing to penetrate new markets and effectively be seen by their audience. In order to ensure success, collaboration is key! Building those important relationships with the right people can open doors you never knew existed, and propel your business to new heights!


Global expansion – opportunities in a post pandemic world for digital businesses

Crushed industries, accelerating unemployment rates and a stagnant global economy – it’s no big secret that the Covid-19 pandemic has affected all of us. This global crisis forced the world into distanced environments, which gave the tech sector significant opportunities for growth.


Digital Expansion on a Personal Level With TMSe Marketing Services

For many business operators, identifying opportunities, and knowing when and how to expand can be a defining moment in their story. Which new markets are right for them? How much should they invest? Who can they trust to help them get the results they desire? Nothing compares to real life experience and genuine connections, and that’s something that Michael Sturm and his team at TMSe Marketing Services specialize in.


Adtech Experts TMSe Are The Innovators to Watch in the Digital Advertising Space

This year is the beginning of evolving marketing strategies to bear their fruits. All of the lessons learned during 2020 are being implemented for greater return and success.


2021 the year of opportunities

So, 2020 was the year that was! In a split second the world turned upside down, across the globe billions of lives changed and businesses were forced to swap the boardroom for the kitchen table.


TMSe Israel office cooperates with IAS Media, UAE

TMSe with its Headquarters based in Austria has been in business cooperation with IAS Media Dubai since over 10 years and now its Israel office will officially cooperate with IAS Media.


Adressing the unknown Delta

The Advisory Collective are excited to be partnering with TMSe and Adnuntius to continue their expansion into the UK Market.


TMSe is exhibiting – virtually ! – at DMEXCo @Home 2020

After indescribable success at the DMEXCO 2019 in Cologne, last year, our whole team was looking forward to repeat those adrenaline filled days in 2020. BUT due to the known pandemic, our dreams were shattered…...tilll we received the final information that DMEXCO 2020 will actually take place @Home!


Your free guest ticket for DMEXCO @home

This year, DMEXCO is taking place as an entirely digital event as DMEXCO @home. Inspiring sessions, networking with thousands of marketing and media experts, business, and much more – all from the comfort of your own home and still in the usual DMEXCO quality. TMSe will of course be there too on September 23 and 24 and we would like to cover the cost of your DMEXCO visit!


New revenue stream for publishers

Adnuntius Self-Service enables publishers to quickly open a channel for small and medium sized businesses to access publishing inventory. It opens access to the huge and fast growing market of SMB that traditionally used Google or Facebook .


Achieving 98% consent and zero ad-blocking

There are golden nuggets to be found from your existing readers if you use our highly responsive platform to monetise 100% of your reach Legislations like GDPR and CCPA around the world increasingly affect how user data can be used to monetise websites. To monetise user data more and more countries legally require publishers to obtain the user’s consent – and the same applies for ad-tech infrastructure from e.g. Google.


Adweb (Greece) Starts Using The Adnuntius Buying Network And Self-Service

We happily announce that TMSe partner AdWeb (Greece) has chosen to build his business on Adnuntius technology! AdWeb unifies technologies with premium Greek publishers to enable Advertisers to reach audiences in a safe and measurable massive inventory. AdWeb also controls PPN (The Premium Publishers Network), the leading premium programmatic marketplace in Greece, consisting of 110+ websites and 2 billion impressions monthly.


Publisher Event - Make More Revenue

TMSe Marketing Services Austria is proud to announce our first publisher event in Israel. Having strong relationships with our clients, we are honored to have invited Mr. Stian Remaad CEO Adnuntius Norway and Mr. Dirk Freytag CEO Contentpass Germany to Israel. Stian and Dirk will present strategies to overcome the upcoming challenges for publishers and agencies, within the legal restrictions.


TMSe has expanded its presence by adding 2 more locations to it's international footprint.

TMSe Marketing Services Austria has expanded its presence by adding 2 more locations to it's international footprint. Please welcome Caludio Foser, who s responsible out of Liechtenstein for International Business Development and Special projects and Sanjay Aikat, based in New Delhi, supports TMSe´s consolidate business operations in India.


Digital Fan Engagement For Marketers and Event Organizers

TMSe Marketing Services Austria invites all its subscribers to take part in a unique Webinar of our Partner! Join us for an exclusive webinar where we will demonstrate our Event Engagement Digital-Platform - myQuiz and discuss all advantages and use cases in utilizing this mechanism.


A humble and quick review of 2019!

TMSe Marketing Services Austria wants to take the last day of 2019 as an opportunity to give you a review of what we were able to achieve during 2019 and a little outlook into our plans for 2020. Even though our company exists since more than 10 years, only in May of this year we decided to give our full attention to TMSe and took the "scary" step into entrepreneurship. Within a month we had representatives, who believe in the same vision as we do, in 5 different countries cooperating with us.


Digital fan experience during 24th Gulf Cup

Vodafone Qatar being the official Telecommunications Sponsor of the 24th Arabian Gulf Cup, introduced the innovative fan experiences with its latest ‘Fan of the Match’ in-stadium competition. Fans simply needed to access the given URL from their mobile phones to start the quiz and answer the timed five questions.


TMSe Marketing Services Austria introduces a "live" trivia quiz platform -

What is is a "live" trivia quiz platform specifically designed to accommodate medium to large venues. It is capable of supporting up to 40,000 concurrent players per event and is perfect for engaging with your fans and advertising sponsors


Business Networking invitation for Tuesday 26th November

TMSe Marketing Services invites you to an afternoon with free drinks, free amazing food, and VIP business insights! Appliscale Europe is arriving in Israel. "You have the rocket - we build the engine!" When: Tuesday 26/11/2019 Where: BeAll - Yigal Alon 94 - 3rd Floor - Tel Aviv


On TOP services for our clients and partners!

Besides that our local teams are going out and pitching the portfolios of our clients in their respective markets, we are adding a special flavor into the daily combined cooperation. Last week we organized a roadshow for Adnuntius as well as a publisher event for the TOP16 companies in Greece.


TMSe strengthen its positioning in the DACH region!

Having had such a success with the Singapore expansion, and seeing that our own CEO Mr. Michael Sturm is focusing more on the strategic support of our teams worldwide, we have now hired a dedicated person for the DACH area. TMSe welcomes Niels Eggert as Senior Sales Consultant DACH to the TMSe family.


TMSe is expanding into Singapore and DACH region!

We are beyond proud and excited that we have recruited 3 new team members in order to enforce globally our localized footprints in the respective countries. This week we will highlight the SEA expansion and we will focus on our DACH representation next week. TMSe welcomes 2 new team members in Singapore:


TMSe launches interactive video technology ClipFlip

TMSe has launched transformative interactive video technology platform, ClipFlip, to help brands generate higher levels of engagement from advertising viewers. ClipFlip’s interactive features allow content creators to produce compelling videos that can be made more relevant, more informative and more fun for viewers.


We did not expect this to happen!

Coming back from the DMEXCO 19 – almost 2 weeks after, TMSe and the whole team is still overwhelmed, moved and so very grateful for the, not expected attention, feedback and resonance we all have received. We are still trying to digest a 2 days nonstop overloaded booth and crowded walk by audience which we could almost not give the attention they deserve. We were very lucky that the booth next to us was not occupied which gave us the needed, additional space for meetings.


Meet Affinity at DMEXCO

Affinity is an ad tech company which creates user engagement products (branding and performance) for digital media. These products are targeted to both segments of digital media - advertisers and publishers. Established in 2014, with 140 employees, Affinity has invested in 5 fast-growing business units:


Meet Adnuntius at DMEXCO

Adnuntius is the strong technical foundation on which our vision is based. Not only one of the most stable, flexible and innovative adservers out there nowadays, Adnuntius offers a unique advertising product. Advertisers want effect, and nothing creates more effect that engaging ad products. Adnuntius technology and services set your creativity free.  Being able to activate your data in order to target the right users with hyper-local targeting, behavioral targeting using YOUR information, and any value you want to provide, Adnuntius can make it happen. Their team of experts are keen in helping you finding the right user in the right context.  


Meet Appliscale at DMEXCO

The first week of our partner exhibitor introduction, we want to start with Appliscale is a software development company that has worked with some of the biggest names in digital advertising, online gaming, digital publishing and rocket production! We believe that technology should enable great experiences and take a pragmatic approach to solve challenges. Their references speak for themselves - former AOL Platforms CTO, former NYIAX CEO and current Eleven Digital CEO, Chief Software Architect Novomatic, former SVP Stroeer Labs, Sr Enterprise Systems Manager, Virgin Orbit.....


Meet us at the DMEXCO!

We did it, TMSe is officially exhibiting at the DMEXCO show in Cologne/Germany this year! Not only can you book a meeting with the TMSe experts in order to discuss how to grow your business but also meet our partners. We are honored, proud and excited to announce that we are exhibiting together with our most important clients and partners. 


New team member for marketing and design

TMSe welcomes new team member for marketing and design! Rounding up the front force with an amazing addition to our backend force, we are delighted to introduce an additional team member: Mr. Jakob Sturm, who recently graduated at HWI Digital Business School Bregenz with honor. For several years he already handles various difficult tasks at TMSe Marketing Services, now, after the graduation, he has joined our work family officially.   His major work focus will be our marketing strategies and design efforts.


New office location at Tel Aviv Alon Towers Israel

Choosing the Alon Towers Tel Aviv was an easy choice, located in the heart of the city, inside one of the two 40 floor office buildings, we are now where big things are happening. The towers with a total of 100.000 sqm office space and 6000 sqm of commercial area around, are enabling us to network, collaborate, cooperate and develop unique innovative business opportunities with entrepreneurs, startups, investors and corporates. It gives us the freedom to develop unique programs to serve as a bridge between innovation technologies and relevant partners.”


TMSe adds Ad Operations Services to Adnuntius tech stack

Partnering on several levels with Digital Convergence Technologies Inc, we are proud to announce that DCT’s ’Managed Ad Operations’ offering, is now available as a part of the TMSe portfolio. Clients like The Perform Group UK, SourceMedia, Northstar Travel Group, WATT Global Media, Guidemark Health, D2 Creative, BrandMettle are only some of DCT’s satisfied customers. In order to expand their footprint even further, TMSe and DCT have joined forces to offer clients globally an end to end solution. As a complimentary solution to Adnuntius’s Full-Stack Ad serving Platform for Publishers, Agencies, and Advertisers we now offer completely managed Ad Operations and Creative design support through DCT Services.


Adnutius Adserver global expansion through TMSe is on the fast track

Adnuntius and TMSe joined forces some time ago and we are proud to announce that Adnuntius excellent offerings for publishers, agencies and advertisers has already gained traction and reassuring feedback in several markets around the globe. Having captured the right momentum, Adnutius is already actively in business through TMSe in Australia, Asia, Dubai (GCC markets), Israel, Turkey, Egypt, Greece, Austria, Germany, Spain and the United Kingdom, and in the Scandinavian countries through their headquarters in Norway. Adnuntius offers a new top-notch advertising platform that brings flexibility in building differentiating ad products, new abilities in increasing revenue across channels, and more efficiency with real-time ad delivery and smarter tools.


Appliscale - professional backend programming and cloud computing.

TMSe cooperates with Appliscale. Adding another important link to our portfolio, we are excited to offer professional backend programming and cloud computing. Appliscale offers professional technical input along with considerable experience in developing digital advertising solutions. Their team are full-service technology consultants with the experience to deliver on a client’s product vision.


Getting the needed assistance for new client evaluation

We assist new clients to onboard with pre-sales preparation This week, we would like to change the wind of our announcements a little bit. At TMSe we have the big responsibility to accept or decline a new client. In the past, we went with our gut feelings. Today, as a professional boutique business development company, we want to go full power in a professional way.


Retube partners with TMSe for global expansion

TMSe is thrilled to have partnered with Retube, who developed a solution for Interactive Video For Engagement Marketing in order to extend their reach into new markets. "Retube allows to deliver advertisement to the audience and interact with it how, where and when they want, in order to be appreciated and give an added value to the brands."


Hacking HR Forum Zürich

Michael will be attending hacking HR forum in Zürich to listen to Imran speaking about "The Myths on Measuring Humans"


TMSe attending ATS conference in Singapore in June 2019

TMSe will be attending ATS Singapore Monday 24th and Tuesday 25th. Our CEO Michael Rudolf Sturm will be in Singapore the whole week and open for meetings. Please send a PM either to TMSe or to Michael directly. Looking forward to seeing you there!


TMSe and DCT present D'Cafe, a unifed video solution!

Now extending the reach to new markets and verticals... (UK, Greece, Spain, Turkey, Egypt, South Africa, Germany, Austria, Australia & UAE)


TMSe now on LinkedIn and Facebook

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