Adressing the unknown Delta

The Advisory Collective are excited to be partnering with TMSe and Adnuntius to continue their expansion into the UK Market.

Adnuntius- a leading European technology company provides 3 solutions for publishers and buyers enabling a more effective programmatic eco-system, Adnuntius Programmatic Marketplace, Adnuntius Data and Adnuntius Self-Service for SMB.

  • Adnuntius Self-Service gives publishers an easy, quick and affordable way to give advertisers, especially small businesses the chance to register, create, pay for and manage their own campaigns.
  • Adnuntius Marketplace lets buyers, publishers or ad networks provide their own private marketplace to create a more effective alternative to programmatic advertising. With Adnuntius Marketplace you can reduce technology costs by 80% and ensure 100% transparency in the value chain.
  • With the demise of the cookie, Adnuntius Data allows marketers, publishers or alliances between the two, collect user GDFR compliant information from multiple systems and devices and subsequently activate that data in both Adnuntius Self-Service and Adnuntius Marketplace or in any other system of your choice.