Getting the needed assistance for new client evaluation

Getting the needed assistance for new client evaluation

We assist new clients to onboard with pre-sales preparation

This week, we would like to change the wind of our announcements a little bit.

At TMSe we have the big responsibility to accept or decline a new client.

In the past, we went with our gut feelings. Today, as a professional boutique business development company, we want to go full power in a professional way.

We, in cooperation with Shawn and Imran, have developed a pre-sales process to onboard new clients. With this amazing team, we have accelerated the way we understand our client’s company strategy, product, market and how best to align the leadership team’s wishes with TMSe offerings.

In their own words regarding the cooperation with TMSe:

“We, Shawn and Imran, are TMSe pre-sales auditors. Our job is to come in prior to a signed deal and ensure we set the foundation for a successful collaborative partnership.

We work closely with TMSe Strategic Business Development team and their potential customers to build the necessary alignment.

Shawn has worked with 100s of teams in the areas of innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship. He coaches leaders and their teams to focus on a collective shared vision and helps them translates that into action toward product-market fit, differentiators, and one clear strategy.

Imran has worked with over 100s of sales leaders across the globe. He is hands on and surfaces group dynamics so leadership teams can gain clarity on their sales process and what capability it will take to execute.

They work either together as co-facilitators face-to-face for larger leadership teams or as individuals through online platforms.

We are more than excited to add this very unique and necessary offer to our portfolio and workflow.

Check them out here:

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