TMSe Israel office cooperates with IAS Media, UAE

TMSe with its Headquarters based in Austria has been in business cooperation with IAS Media Dubai since over 10 years and now its Israel office will officially cooperate with IAS Media.

Last month, the signing ceremony of the landmark accord between Israel and UAE took place in Washington and opened doors for official business cooperation between Israel and UAE companies.
Since the signing of the accord, companies from the UAE and Israel have signed deals in infrastructure, banking services, investments, real estate, shipping and even diamond trading.

Taking the latest developments in UAE and Bahrain into consideration, the well-established partnership of TMSe and IAS Media is able to offer its services.
IAS Media is a long time representative of TMSe in Dubai :

Today, we are proud to announce the direct cooperation between TMSe entity in Israel and IAS Media Dubai.

We want to offer any Israeli company which is interested in exploring and extending their business operations in the Middle East – especially towards the UAE (Dubai and Bahrain) to be in touch with us and benefit from this long standing cooperation.

IAS Media has already brought Hawkeye Interactive Video Technology to the UAE market which was established in cooperation with TMse.