A push towards digitalisation: Innovative revenue streams for publisher

The future is digital! More and more companies in the publishing industry are following this call and are pushing towards online – in theory. Because the implementation, the breaking of old structures and systems is still an obstacle. TMSe demonstrates how the step towards digital transformation succeeds.

The global pandemic has distanced people from each other, at least geographically and thus opened the way for new technical possibilities. “We are currently experienceing a global boom. The pandemic has driven the digitization of work and leisure, making it clear to companies that innovation and digital measures are essential for survival,“ emphasizes Michael Sturm, CEO of TMSe. His company, headquartered in Austria, helps publishers around the world to become digitally fit and build new revenue streams.

Flexibility, innovation & agility – strong words that are considered a recipe for success for digital change. Despite this, or rather, precisely because of this, many companies miss the digital transformation. They believe that online solutions and programs require a major change in existing systems and ways of working, as well as a high budget. TMSe shows with its offer how simple digital solutions can look like. “The products we offer at TMSe are simple, intuitive and, above all, they can be connected to existing systems,” explains Michael Sturm.