The future of self-serve - covid is pushing it to new heights

The future of self-serve - covid is pushing it to new heights!💪🚀

Due to the current pandemic, many small and medium-sized business companies needed to go digital at the start of 2020.

As a result, new and cheaper solutions were high in demand – welcome to self-service!

Self-service portals enable customers to “help themselves”, basically eliminating the need for employees to handle mundane tasks.

Let’s look at the streaming service Hulu, for example. Hulu is a streaming provider, much like Netflix. They rely on ads to make money.

👉Hulu launched a beta-self-service mid-2020 to win more small- and medium-sized ad companies, the minimum budget lies at $500

👉It offers a simplified package for a 15 or 30 second ad-spot without any customization or targeting

This self-service does not offer the same level of quality you would get from their premium services that involve experienced consultants to set up your ads campaigns.

But it comes at a MUCH lower price.

We are currently seeing more and more companies offering self-service to address price-sensitive target groups. 🙏