Self-Service has a new face

Why Self-Service?

Small businesses are becoming an increasingly important advertising revenue source. They represent the majority of companies out there, but they’re still a minority if you consider their share of total digital ad spending globally. This is changing however, as more and more small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are increasing their investments. Why this is happening in the first place may be because more SMBs have discovered the possibilities of low-risk micro-spending, and perhaps large platforms such as Facebook and Google are educating more and more people on how to buy advertising themselves. In any case, there’s a big market out there.

However, we also see large platforms like Facebook and Google are gobbling up most of the money spent by SMBs. So we want to enable more companies to get in on it without each having to invest lots of money in creating their own self-service portals.

Your Portal, Your Control; Facilitated by Us

Adnuntius Self-Service is a white-label solution that allows you as a publisher to offer a scalable alternative to small business advertisers. We’ve done the heavy lifting of developing a user-friendly portal, enabling product choices, translations, multiple cost models, targeting, payment and much more. More specifically:

  • Implement quickly using your own ad server at the core. Happy with Google Ad Manager? No worries, we’ll work on top of Google Ad Manager as well as any other ad server.
  • Set up a user-friendly self-service portal in a few hours, using your brand.
  • Let advertisers buy any formats you want to enable, such as native, display and more.
  • Introduce any targeting critera and combination of these, including high-performing contextual targeting.
  • Determine your cost, and let advertisers pay online.
  • Manage your workflow by allowing advertisers to manage everything themselves, or by introducing quality assurance steps.
  • Enable advertisers to log in to manage their campaigns and reports, and ensure automatically distributed reports.

Don’t Be a Stranger

Are you a publisher who wants to access a new market segment? Or do you control a valuable online audience that you would like to monetize? Reach out any time to