Self-service and sales teams contradict each other, right?

Self-service and sales teams contradict each other, right?

No, that’s false.

The best self-service products have sales teams. In fact, they are doubling down on those teams – especially in the advertisement world.

Only because customers can help themselves – which greatly reduces costs for customer success managers and the like – does not mean that your products SELL themselves.

But there is one thing your sales teams need to effectively sell products that use self-service: Focus.

These three key elements are particularly important in that regard:

✅ Be selective. Don’t try to sell to every single user that filled out the “try now”-form. Don’t call every person who signed up for the free version.

✅ Let users find value, first. Self-service platforms – especially in advertising – often have free versions for users to look around. Let them take their time for discovery-moments!

✅ Tailor your communication to your most important leads. Have your sales teams consult them, not hard-sell them.

The most effective self-service products in advertisement rely on strong sales-teams to help their customers help themselves!