Pathadvice: Online Shopping with Human Interaction

Online shopping is great, but it has one drawback: There is almost no human interaction. Pathadvice has set out to change this by offering software that enables real-time interactive consulting on websites. With Pathadvice, businesses can increase their sales efficiency, and especially smaller businesses can maintain their competitive edge.

The Covid-19 pandemic has massively accelerated digitalization. Consumers increasingly buy goods and services online, and businesses are setting up online shops. But one caveat remains: There is no consulting in online shops, little customer service, and nobody to help customers make a decision.

That's where Pathadvice steps in. It's a software that allows eCommerce businesses or brick-and-mortar companies with an online presence to offer the same level of customer service online that they offer in their retail stores. This is the future of online shopping.

How does it work?

The customers' online shopping experience with Pathadvice starts just the same way we are used to. You go to a website and search for a product, and a small chat window pops up with a friendly customer support agent: How can I help you? It's then up to you if you wish to start chatting with the agent or alternatively switch to a video chat.

From then onwards, the support agent can take you through the entire shopping experience. The agent can even share the website with you, show where things are and how to complete the shopping experience.

Imagine insurance brokers who need to go through a contract with their clients, explain details, and show them how and where to sign with their digital signature. Or imagine car dealers who want to show their clients how they can customize their car. They can open their website with a 3D model and display different colors, car features, and more in real-time and with their client.

Pathadvice is particularly crucial for businesses that sell complex products and need to offer their clients consulting services. That includes high-tech businesses, financial services companies, travel agents; it's less relevant for grocery stores.

Increasing sales efficiency

Another advantage of Pathadvice is that it enables businesses to target specific customer groups. For example, if a company sells B2B products, it does not want to use its resources to conduct consultations with individual customers. However, the software can recognize through the visitor's IP address, whether he is a corporate or a private user. It then only shows the chat option to those users it wants to target.

Furthermore, the software can also only show the chat function to a specific type of user. For example, only corporations in a specific location that generate revenue above 50,000 Euros and are in a specific industry. These kinds of targeting functions enable businesses to improve their sales efficiency significantly.

What's even more critical is that Pathadvice enables businesses to approach the customer when his buying interest is the highest. Imagine you are looking for health insurance and visit the Allianz website. You fill in a customer service request, and that's the end of your search. Three days later, you will get contacted by an agent, but at that time, your attention might already have wandered elsewhere.

With Pathadvice, customers don't have to fill in a request form, and they don't have to wait. Instead, they can interact with the support agent directly when they want to receive information. Getting to the right buyers at the right time is what makes all the difference in sales success.

Easy to use and feature-rich backend

The Pathadvice backend gives sales agents a great deal of flexibility and features to manage their client relations. They can manage client appointments, and clients can cancel or postpone appointments, which reduces the no-show rate and enables agents to focus on the most revenue-generating activities.

When having a call, agents can see their sales script running at the side of the screen, making it easier to answer questions and get to the deal closing. They can also record conversations, call through mobile and line numbers, and interact with clients differently.

There are different language options for the software, and no data is stored at the provider without customer consent. The entire application meets the requirements of data protection laws and regulations.

Giving SMEs a competitive edge

Pathadvice is a game-changer for all kinds of businesses, big or small. But it is especially useful for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). While SMEs rarely can compete on price with their larger competitors, they do have an edge in building a customer relationship and offering superior and personal customer service.

However, in the age of the internet, especially now during the pandemic, SMEs often do not have this competitive advantage anymore, as they have very few opportunities to interact with their customers personally. That has led to many large enterprises gaining more market share, while SMEs are falling behind.

With Pathadvice, SMEs are getting a tool to build and maintain their personal customer relationships even in the digital age. Whether people shop online or offline, a large part of their customer experience is interacting with a human salesperson. That's what has so far been missing online, and that's why Pathadvice is such a massive revolution of online shopping.

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