What makes a successful self-service advertising platform?

What makes a successful self-service advertising platform?

The self-service advertisement market is constantly growing and promises to be very profitable. But there are some key points to consider when offering a self-service platform.

If the platform should reach its full potential, it is crucial to have…

💥 a great go-to-market-strategy.

Do not expect your customers to automatically discover your service and start using it. Even advertising platforms need to… well, advertise!

💥 a stellar reporting.

What many users love most about self-service platforms is the ability to look up performance data in real-time to keep track of their progress.

💥 a strong connection to your customer.

An inherent element of self-service platforms is that your customers use them a lot. Having a great customer experience is key – and to develop one, you need to have a good customer feedback system in place. What do you want? What don’t they understand? Where do they drop off?

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