Neslihan Sas Mesutoglu

Neslihan, based in Istanbul/Turkey does new business and consulting to TMSe. She is an expert in Digital Media-, Cross Media- and Content-Management

From 1994 to 2007, Neslihan has been working in TV and Sponsorship Sales Advertising for TV Station . During that time Neslihan initiated the country´s very first content- and technology-cooperations between Mobile Telco and TV Broadcast and realized these in sports and entertaining.

Following her passion both for Digital and for Cross Media Entertainment, Neslihan set up her own business based on a website that consults and assists in - yes! - marriage preparations. (www.alyanstv.com) was very soon converted into her own copyrighted 120 episodes of entertainment program both for TV and online.

Six years of work in the Turkuvaz Media Group made Neslihan transform the Turkuvaz Media Assets into digital such as building a new revenue channels for the newspaper through digitalization and consistent media content management.

Neslihan was in IAB Turkey board between 2010-2015 and in IAB Europe board between 2012-2014 member and focuses on Digital Advertising and Online Behavioral Advertising.