dcafé - World's most dynamic OTT authoring platform

dcafé’s dynamic OTT authoring platform lowers technical complexities and helps launch and monetize streaming services across 12+ screens. (Android, iOS, Web, Roku, Apple TV, Smart TVs, Gaming Consoles)

dcafé is built on a highly scalable and cost effective serverless architecture for video and audio streaming, live events and virtual linear channels. It is completely cloud redundant, player agnostic, supports a multi-tenant architecture with a built-in real-time analytics dashboard that is unique to every customer and it combines data from the Verizon platform, player analytics, google analytics, firebase and more.

dcafé allows customized business models with Subscription, Advertising, Transactional and Freemium, these can also be changed or combined on the fly to adjust to market conditions or special events.

Live Now

dcafé Live Now, allows you to start a live stream from any device that has a camera. The product is device agnostic and you can now start TV like Live experiences without spending money on production, operations and equipment. You can deliver, monetize, and control live streams across screens ensuring a flawless streaming experience.


Extending pre, post and go live support with dcafé labs, dcafé digital is a true growth partner for all its customers. dcafé Labs enables media companies to enhance direct to consumer acquisition, retention and revenue. Includes content curation, localization and creative services, custom development support, infrastructure setup, digital marketing, analytics, monetization support and more.