Self-Service Platforms, Myths v’s Facts!

Self-Service Platforms, Myths v’s Facts!

While self-service platforms offer a lot of advantages for both publishers and advertisers, there are some myths surrounding those tools.

Let’s take a look at some of these in more detail:

Self-service advertising platforms compromise brand safety
❌Not true – Advertisers can be assured that professional providers will have the tools in place to help them with any brand safety concerns.

Self-service platforms mean that there isn’t a person at the other end
〰️Partly true – One of the benefits of a self-service model is that some of the laborious, repetitive tasks can be automated. However, there are some elements of the process such as customer engagement and consultation are best done on a one to one personalised level.

Self-service advertising platforms lack transparency
❌Not true – Reputable vendors will ensure that their clients are familiar with how the platform works and where possible tailoring the solution to the client’s need to ensure transparency in the process.

The advantage of a self-service model is that it puts your business in the driving seat!

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