SMB companies – more important than you would think!

SMB companies – more important than you would think!

SMB companies, short for small-and medium sized business companies, represent 90% of all companies worldwide.

However, they are still considered a minority in terms of digital ad spending.

But with the rise of more and more wide-spread self-service solutions, this may change - starting now.

👉 In the past, buying ads has been complicated. It required big money, lots of planning and experienced people to set it all up.

👉 But now, ads companies are trying to lower the barriers so that SMBs have an easier time to buy ads themselves – even with very small pockets

👉 Large platforms like Google and Facebook are pioneers. They pave the way and develop user-friendly workflows that enable micro-ads-spendings

Due to this low-risk micro spending and businesses getting educated on how to buy ads on their own, SMB’s are now able to increase their ad expenses.

Thus, they are becoming a big source of advertising revenue.

This is basically levelling the playing field – thanks to self-service platforms!