The popularity of Audio Advertising 👂

The popularity of Audio Advertising 👂

Until now, audio advertising has often been viewed rather sceptically by SMBs, as it was associated with being expensive and not very effective.

However, due to the increased popularity of streaming platforms like Spotify or Deezer, this image has changed significantly and an large number of companies have started complementing their advertising strategy with audio advertising.

Digital audio ad spending is expected to reach 5,765 Million US $ in 2021 (source: statista).

The reasons for this development are manifold, for example

👉There is an growing number of audio platforms which means there is also a platform for every taste which can meet the increased demand for online audio.

👉Furthermore, a range of new end devices are available, so depending on what they own, people can choose between their computers, mobile phones or smart speakers.

👉Another reason for the sharp rise in popularity is the ability to target ad campaigns precisely in order to maximize your campaign.

In case you have audio ad space to offer, you can also use a self-service platform for your customers to enhance the customer journey.🏄‍♀️

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