Global expansion – opportunities in a post pandemic world for digital businesses

Crushed industries, accelerating unemployment rates and a stagnant global economy – it’s no big secret that the Covid-19 pandemic has affected all of us. This global crisis forced the world into distanced environments, which gave the tech sector significant opportunities for growth.

“We currently experience a worldwide boom. The pandemic has accelerated digitalization of work and play and makes it evident that businesses, that don’t go digital and innovate, cannot survive,” states Michael Sturm, CEO of TMSe. His company is specialized in launching Adtech and Martech products and services into new territories and markets, helping their clients expand exponentially. Thanks to a trusted network of partners that’s been cultivated through long term relationships, they are able to plan and execute expansion strategies around the world.

Prove for the high degree of global demand for tech solutions is TMSe’s faithful customer: Adnuntius. During the Covid-19 pandemic, the Norwegian online advertising and marketing specialist has expanded its business through the TMSe team into several markets, including UK Germany, Austria, Greece, Turkey, South-Est-Asia and Australia. “Publishers looking at the current ADTECH landscape will see two alternatives; either offers of major suppliers with inflexible solutions that strip publishers of control, or a plethora of innovative smaller suppliers providing niche services that are more in tune in publishers’ needs”, says Michael Sturm.

The need for individual solutions is much larger now.” says Stian Remaad, CEO of Adnuntius “Advertisers and publishers are reconsidering their strategies for planning, buying and measuring advertising. This is where we come into play.” Among the company’s portfolio of solutions and services for marketers and publishers, especially the Adnuntius self-service platform has seen a rising demand. It allows publishers to expand their target group and increase conversions by letting advertisers create self-service campaigns, providing both sides with an effective tool. Newspaper publishers make up the majority of Adnuntius’s customers; proof that digital transformation is changing not only B2C, but also B2B.