Clipflip Interactive Video Ads

Impress your clients with interactive videos

Marketing is about telling stories that captivate, convert and capture consumers. However: timing is crucial!

With Clipflip marketers, agencies and brands are able to take their videos to the next stage, transform them into impactful interactive experiences and thus create content that is eye-catching, easy to consume and memorable.

Video is good. Interactive is better!

Creativity is now the currency of value. While traditional or linear videos only provide you with a pause, rewind, fast forward and restart function, interactive videos put the viewers at the center
of action. A variety of features allow your viewers to interact with the video content itself, control the course of the story and give them access to diverse content in one single video. Similar to other web content, users can click, scroll, drag, hover and perform other digital actions with the video's content.

In a digital world full of distractions, interactive videos keep your audience's eyeballs on the screen.

  • 40% more engagement
  • 60% more clicks
  • 44% more viewing time