Adweb (Greece) starts using the Adnuntius Buying Network and Self-Service

We happily announce that TMSe partner AdWeb (Greece) has chosen to build his business on Adnuntius technology!

AdWeb unifies technologies with premium Greek publishers to enable Advertisers to reach audiences in a safe and measurable massive inventory. AdWeb also controls PPN (The Premium Publishers Network), the leading premium programmatic marketplace in Greece, consisting of 110+ websites and 2 billion impressions monthly.

AdWeb will start by using the Adnuntius Buying Network to connect publishers and buyers in a more effective programmatic eco-system, and Adnuntius Self-Service platform to enable its publishing network to access revenue from small and medium-sized businesses.

Self-Service Advertising Made Easier

As a publisher you can now quickly open a user-friendly self-service advertising portal using any ad server as your main platform. With Adnuntius Self-Service advertisers can design, book and pay for their campaigns, and you can manage the workflow (or just automate everything). Read all about it.

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Adnuntius Buying Network

Adnuntius Buying Network allows brands to buy impressions programmatically with their publishing partners, but with fewer intermediaries, 50% or less of the cost, and reduced fraud. Adnuntius Self-Service is a user-friendly application that lets you offer a scalable alternative to small business advertisers. Adnuntius Self-Service can be integrated with your current ad server.